Spanish Minisat Program. Objectives and Operational Results

  • Miguel A. García Primo


The Spanish MINISAT program has been structured in three main stages plus several associated developments, achieving a modular family of low cost platforms in the small satellite segment, designed to use mainly in low earth orbit (LEO) applications. The first stage of the MIN-ISAT program have concluded with the complete development and orbit qualification of the platform MINISAT 0 together with the operational experiences is being achieved to perform the scientific mission 01, launched on April 21st 1997. The second stage of the MINISAT program consist of the modular upgrading of the platform 0 to reach the maximum performances or platform MINISAT 1 to do earth observation missions. The first mission with the platform 1 started the phase A of feasibility study in 1995. The third stage of the MINISAT program will consist of the development of the platform MINISAT 2 that will be an adaptation of the platform MINISAT 1 to be able to do communication missions even in the geostationary orbit.


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