Perpendicular Magnetic Recording

  • Yoshihisa Nakamura
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Perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) has the fundamental potential of extremely high bit density recording. Although many efforts have been made for the practical use of PMR, the recording apparatus has still not been manufactured commercially. One of many problems hesitated to make PMR practicable is that a reasonable way has still not become clear to practical use. Moreover there were a lot of unsolved problems peculiar to PMR, such as media noise, head-induced erasure and so on. Lately, the solutions to these technical issues were clarified for the practical use of a perpendicular magnetic hard disk drive. Furthermore, we have attained an error rate of less than 10-p7 at 310kFCI with a newly developed flying type thin-film single-pole head in 1998, and Hitachi group has been presented practical capability of HDD with PMR over 50Gbit/inchp2 in INTERMAG 2000. In this paper, first, the reason why PMR is useful for high bit density writing will be described from the theoretical and the historical background. Then, how should make PMR, what characteristics are obtained, and what ability and possibility over 1OOGbit/inchp2 exist, the analysis, the results and the future, will be discussed.


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