The Diffusion of Integrated Coastal Management in the Mediterranean

  • Marko Prem
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The Mediterranean as a region (people, ecosystem, culture) is shortly presented in the introduction, as well as an overview of the environmental situation, development trends and pressures. As a response to the situation, the countries sharing the same sea came to a consensus to establish a common legal basis for ICAM in the Mediterranean. The main benchmarks since the establishment of UNEP MAP (Barcelona Convention, MAP Phase II, etc.) is given, emphasising the development of the ICAM concept from the political point of view. In addition to MAP efforts, other international organisations and individual states have also tried to put the coastal development in the region under better control. The role of PAP/RAC in the establishment of ICAM as a commonly accepted tool/process, and in the diffusion of ICAM is presented. PAP with other MAP components, involving experts from all over the world, has developed methods, approaches, several tools and techniques, published guidelines, and implemented many practical ICAM/CAMP projects at the local level. In order to improve and better perform ICAM some assessments have been prepared. Lessons learned and major findings are given. Emphasis is placed on the shortcomings of, and recommendations for ICAM projects. The development of new approaches, such as extending CZM to the whole river basin management (a practical example of such a project is ICARM in the Cetina River Watershed which is presented), analysis of legal instruments for ICAM at the national level, White Paper on ICAM, and alike. In conclusion, some proposals for MAP activities in the future ICAM development in the Mediterranean, for example new form of legal instruments (protocol or national/ sub-regional strategies), establishment of a regular reporting system, preparation of good practice guidances, improved pilot projects etc., is presented.


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