From Dialogue to Rhetoric

  • Wouter H. Slob
Part of the Argumentation Library book series (ARGA, volume 7)


When truth provides for the logical space of normativity, there can be only one logic, —the mono-logic— that reflects its structure. Alternative logics yielding incompatible conclusions cannot be permitted. We have seen that pre-modern philosophy had no need to defend its (mono-)logic, but as soon as the modernist ’turn to the subject’ had its logical counterpart in the syntactical approach of Frege a problem emerged. Modern formal logic allowed that its syntactical definitions yielded different logical systems and consequently the question arose which of these alternatives was the correct one. The very fact that there are alternatives fundamentally changes the logical space in which normative issues are to be settled. Truth no longer speaks for itself, but has become dependent upon the logical system that is operative.


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