Entanglement Manipulation in a Cavity Qed Experiment

Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAII, volume 51)


One of the most important feature of quantum physics is the concept of entanglement. After interaction, two quantum objects usually behave as a single entity, each of the systems can not any more be described separately. A non-separable entangled state must the be introduced for representing the state of the system as a whole. Such a state presents unbelievable correlation from the point of view of classical logic as pointed out by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen [1] (EPR). Entanglement manifests while performing a measurement on one of the two parts of an EPR pair. It enforces to consider that the other part of the system is instantaneously projected during this measurement independently of the distance separating the two systems. The EPR situation also sits at the heart of quantum measurement theory. While describing quantum mechanically the interaction of a system with a meter, one have to consider at some point a system-meter entangled state whose strangeness was emphasised by the famous Schrödinger cat metaphor [2], [3]. While considering this problem the physics of entangled states provides a new insight in the understanding of the transition between the quantum word of small isolated quantum systems and the classical behaviour of macroscopic meters. The concept of decoherence [4], [5], introduced in this context by considering the entanglement of the meter with its environment also relies on the understanding of the behaviour of complex entangled states.


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