Child Language: From Syntax to Discourse

  • Cornelia Hamann
Part of the Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics book series (SITP, volume 29)


In this cross-linguistic investigation of early child language, I started with data on the acquisition of pronominal clitics and the binding principles, I presented data on subject omission and infinitive use, and passed on to data about the early use of negation and Wh-questions. If this extensive compilation and juxtaposition of results from the literature and of new results from new or hitherto not fully analyzed corpora proves relevant for future research, one aim of this work has been attained. From the theoretical point of view, many issues were discussed, as for example the status of clitics in French, the assignment of nominative case by agreement or by tense, the parameterization of the order of functional projections, and the underlying LF-representations of different question constructions. These are areas, where child data can contribute to linguistic knowledge and may be decisive for the choice of one theoretical analysis over another.


Child Language Functional Projection Null Subject Felicity Condition Past Tense Occurrence 
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