ROMP of Norbornene Derivatives of Peptides and Nucleicacids

  • M. North
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In the previous paper, we showed that initiators 1-4 could be used to induce the ROMP of monomers of general structure 5 and 6 to give polymers with narrow molecular weight distributions and controlled molecular architectures. In this paper, the extension of this work to more functionalized monomers will be discussed, along with related work on other bicyclic ring systems. All of these monomers are designed around the same basic structure: a polymerizable norbornene unit, a spacer group, and a biologically relevant group (Figure 1). The biological group is either a peptide or a nucleic-acid base. Amongst the potential applications for the polymers are DNAbinding drugs, topical antibiotics, and affinity chromatography supports for natural product purification.


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