Self-Ordered Growth and Spectroscopy of Nonplanar Quantum Wires and Quantum Dots

  • Eli Kapon
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Semiconductor quantum nanostructures are useful both for studying the physics of lowdimensional electronic systems and for exploring novel device applications utilizing quantum confinement. Recently, this field has been increasingly driven by the development of experimental techniques for preparing such systems with controlled potential distributions and without compromising the interface quality. These techniques allow the study of the electronic structure inherent to low-dimensional systems and contribute to the development of better theoretical models for their analysis. In the case of two-dimensional (2D) quantum well (QW) systems, epitaxial growth techniques such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and organometallic chemical vapor deposition (OMCVD) have been instrumental in providing high quality structures for experimental studies, since the 2D growth modes utilized with these techniques readily translate into 2D heterostructure geometries. The fabrication of 1D quantum wire (QWR) and OD quantum dot (QD) heterostructures, on the other hand, is more demanding and requires epitaxial growth techniques in which the adatom surface fluxes are controlled in the plane of the substrate. This lateral flux control is necessary for forming lateral heterostructures whose parameters vary on a nanometer scale in order to produce the desired lateral quantum confinement effects.


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