De Sitter Space In Non-Critical String Theory

  • Alexander Maloney
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We review a construction of de Sitter space from asymmetric orientifold compactifications of non-critical string theory.

de Sitter space is the maximally symmetric solution to general relativity with a positive cosmological constant A. It is a time dependent solution, with observer dependent, cosmological horizons. These horizons lead to the usual exciting quantum effects, such as particle creation and entropy. String theory constructions have successfully explained these phenomena for certain types of black holes, so it is natural to ask whether the same can be done for de Sitter space. In this review we will summarize a construction of de Sitter space in string theory, which is a first step in this direction. This review is based on work done in collaboration with Eva Silverstein and Andy Strominger [1].


Cosmological Horizon Modular Invariance Positive Cosmological Constant Sitter Solution Orientifold Plane 
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