The Société Astronomique De France in the Astronomical Landscape: Evolution and Prospects

  • R. Ferlet
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The Société Astronomique de France (SAF) was founded in 1887 by one of the most celebrated astronomer of the time, Camille Flammarion (1842–1925). It became quickly famous in France and around the astronomical world. Thanks to the renown of the successive scientists elected as Presidents1, the SAF played a unique rôle in associating the most competent amateurs to the progress of observational astronomy, for successfully promoting and popularizing astronomy and more widely science. Around the seventies, specific expectations from both amateurs and professionals were less taken into account by the SAF, leading to a slow decline. Nevertheless, the need for such a Society not only still exists, but is even stronger in the present context of the decreasing interest of young people towards science and the degradation of the image of science in the public. It requires a new impetus from an “old” society.


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