Atomic Photoionization Cross Sections

  • P. L. Altick
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (ASIC, volume 46)


In these lectures I will discuss various methods of calculating atomic photoionization cross sections with emphasis on resonant structures. I will attempt to order the methods according to the complexity of the problem that they can be used on. Thus the Feshbach projection operator formalism, which is most applicable to the calculation of resonance parameters in two electron systems will be first and the R-matrix and quantum defect methods which can handle many channel photoionization will be last. Because of time limitation, the discussion will be descriptive rather than detailed. Not all useful approaches can be presented, but the most important ones left out (RPA, MBPT) will be covered by other lecturers.


Ionization Threshold Photoionization Cross Section Feshbach Resonance Quantum Defect Resonant Configuration 
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