Politics, Political Philosophy and the Politics of Philosophy

  • Marx W. Wartofsky
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Philosophy has its own politics. That is to say, the ‘society’ (or the ‘profession’) of philosophy and of philosophers has its roles and rules, its means and ends, its conflicts and mediations, its forms of governance, its modes of dominance and subordination, its varying ‘constitutions’ which determine legality, legitimacy and due process. This analogous ‘politics of philosophy’ has its counterpart in the politics of the larger society in which philosophy functions, and the relation between the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ politics — between that of philosophy and that of society (or of a given society) — may well be instructive concerning both polities. It is not simply that (the profession of) Philosophy is Politics writ small, or that Politics is Philosophy writ large, though the Platonic metaphor is suggestive. Rather, it is that the study of the state of philosophy reveals something about the state of Society at large, and vice versa.


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