Ionic Permeabilities of Membranes; NMR Kinetic Studies

  • Hadassa Degani
Conference paper
Part of the The Jerusalem Symposia on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry book series (JSQC, volume 11)


Ionic concentration gradients across membranes serve a variety of functions in cellular activity such as maintainance of resting potential, transmission of nerve impulse, driving cotransport, and secretion or activation of enzymes, hormones and other substances. Thus, studies of the kinetics and mechanism of ion transport across membranes are essential for the understanding of many physiological processes.


Transport Rate Phosphatidic Acid Free Induction Decay Vesicular Membrane Free Induction Decay Signal 
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  • Hadassa Degani
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  1. 1.Isotope DepartmentWeizmann Institute of ScienceRehovotIsrael

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