Significatio ‘Per Se’ and ‘Per Aliud’ in Anselm

  • Maria Ossowska
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Volume 158 of Migne’s Patrologie contains, on pp. 562-82, a brief treatise by Anselm of Canterbury, Dialogus de grammatico, of which the title is well known but the content much less so.


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    ’signifies’ is used here to render, on an etymological basis, Anselm’s word ‘significat’, even though on other occasions he uses the word ‘appellat’, which seems to come closer to M. Ossowska’s notion of denotation. In view of translation problems this footnote both sums up M. Ossowska’s explanation, and comments on the translation itself (Tr.).Google Scholar
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    In her footnote here M. Ossowska refers to a work by S. Szober, a Polish grammarian active between the World Wars (d. 1938). Apparently what is meant here is not the difference between the attributive and predicative use of adjectives, but the fact that nouns are supposed to indicate “substance”, whereas adjectives are supposed to indicate “properties” (Tr.).Google Scholar

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