Recapitulation and Outline for the Future

  • H. J. Oslage
Part of the Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine book series (CTVM, volume 2)


If there are no further comments this is the right time for the Chairman to give the final word to this last section and to give a short comment on the co-ordinators’ summaries and on our last discussion, I propose that we start with the question of nutritional efficiency in growth and the effects of genotype, sex and hormones and their interaction, as in section 2. This is not, as you may think, because I am a nutritionist and specially qualified in this field, but because I feel there is some logical justification, since nutrition and the processes of metabolism really form the basis of production. As pointed out by Dr. Béranger, the papers in this section, and the discussions also, have outlined the pressing need for more and better data on the determining parameters of the growth process. We especially need more understanding of the maximum capacity for protein accretion, and of the composition of the gain during the growth period, which means the prediction of retained energy at a given liveweight gain, or for a given breed under different conditions of nutrition. Data of this kind have to be more complete and taken to a great depth by further investigations into the physiological and biochemical background. We should, as Dr. Pomeroy outlined, not only be able to answer the question, “What happens?”, but also to know why it happens and how it happens. So we should strengthen our efforts to get better information on what we call maintenance requirements, on the nitrogen or protein metabolism, on the energetic efficiency of the synthesis of the organic substance and the metabolic turnover, just to mention a few topics we have discussed during the past days.


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