Indication for 224Ra-therapy in ankylosing spondylitis (Morbus Struempell-Bechterew-Marie)


224Ra therapy in ankylosing spondylitis has been employed successfully at our hospital since 1948, administering 10 i.v. injections à 28 μCi at weekly intervals. However, the treatment is only indicated in phase II and III of the disease when therapeutic resistance of the painfully inflamed vertebral and iliosacral joints is observed and progressive spine stiffening is established roentgenographically. It is not allowed in the initial phase when only the iliosacral joints are involved as iliosacral arthritis, nor in the last phase when spine stiffening with or without involvement of the joints at the extremities is complete.

Due to the antiosteoblastic effect of the alpha-radiation of 224Ra and the antiphlogistic effect of the beta- and gamma-radiation emitted by its disintegration products, the disease is favourably influenced during phase II and III so that active therapeutic exercises as well as balneological treatment becomes possible while the patient is hospitalized for 10 weeks.


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