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Sequence of Atrial Activation in Patients with Atrial Echo Beats

  • Günter Breithardt
  • Ludger Seipel


Experimental, studies in the isolated atrium have shown that the sinus node may be a site for reentry (Childers et al., 1973; Han et al., 1968; Paulay et al., 1973a; Strauss and Bigger, 1971; Strauss and Geer, 1977; Wallace and Dagget, 1964). The occurrence of sinus node reentry has also been postulated in man (Brechenmacher and Voegtlin, 1974; Breithardt et al., 1976; Curry and Krikler, 1977; Narula, 1974; Pahlajani et al., 1975; Paritzky et al., 1974; Paulay et al., 1973b, 1975; Wu et al., 1975). Its diagnosis is based on indirect data of which the P wave morphology and the activation sequence of the right atrium during echo beats are the most important. Recent studies have shed some doubt on the reliability of P wave morphology and atrial activation sequence (Waldo, 1977). Therefore, we studied the activation sequence of the right atrium (RA) by use of multiple atrial recordings in patients with atrial echo beats which met the criteria for sinus node reentry.


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