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We have explored the concept and importance of life-view as a term which surrounds the discussion of the moods and their meaning. The spiritual growth process which the four critical moods seek to set back on its natural course begins in a negative convulsion against an apparent life-view which defines man in various external terms that do not include his inner reality and the deeper movements beginning there. Here the moods are already present, and one is their victim. As spiritual growth takes place, and as the dialectic of moods unfolds corresponding to the awakening of spirit in the individual, the aesthetic view is denied both in the emotions which witness its impotence to supply equilibrium and stability and in the deeper revelations of the moods which suggest that man was meant for more than momentary pleasures. The moods indicate seriousness about human existence and becoming which demands incorporation in a deepened self-understanding which itself evolves as the moods are individually mastered.


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