General and Ophthalmological Problems Preceding the Operation

  • C. A. Quaranta
Part of the Documententa Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series book series (DOPS, volume 21)


As regards general and pre-operative ophthalmological problems in cataract surgery, all of those factors which together condition individual indications of operability must be analyzed. The different clinical peculiarities of each individual patient must be attentively considered in order to obtain the best surgical and functional results. Within the individual clinical context, general and local, precise critical pre-operative evaluation of the indications, contraindications and potential complications is essential for the best preparation for the operation and the exact choice of the most appropriate surgical techniques. A precise general anamnesis is the first step to be taken in examination of the patient.


Cataract Surgery Corneal Edema Anamnestic Data Psychological Situation Ophthalmological Problem 
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