It is now nearly two years since we, together with some American authors (R.K. Forster, for example) deplored the new outbreak of infections following opening of the eyeball, especially after cataract operation. This was a new fact in ophthalmology, which has led, after close investigation conducted with the aid of bateriologists, to the following conclusions:
  • A dangerous operatory smear, i.e., one containing granulocytes and infracellular pyogenes can be responsible for an infection, but in reality it seems that this rarely occurs.

  • Nine times out of ten, in fact, infection occurs because the patient has been operated in a polluted environment; in normal circumstances, this pollutions of the operating room is inevitable or almost so, when the operation is important and prolonged.

  • Therefore, the author now operates in a sterile environment, which has had the radical effect of abolishing all infections.


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