The Ecology of the New Caledonian Macroheterocera

  • J. D. Holloway
Part of the Series Entomologica book series (SENT, volume 15)


The samples of moths made during the survey of New Caledonia differ from those analysed for Norfolk I. by Holloway (1977) both in their smaller size and in their greater species-richness. Figure 9 illustrates the latter difference, showing plots of the relationship between size of sample and number of species taken in each area. The upper points represent amalgamations of samples, the ultimate being the total sample. Such amalgamations are mixtures of the three ecological associations of species identified later in this chapter, as are the majority of individual samples except some of those from the richer rainforest vegetation on sedimentary rock (solid triangles) where the west coast and ultramafic associations are virtually absent. In Figure 9 the samples in the west coast and ultramafic clusters identified in the classification of samples described later in the chapter are identified by solid squares and open circles respectively.


West Coast Ultramafic Rock Principal Coordinate Analysis Secondary Vegetation Linkage Diagram 
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