The First Row Transition Metal Intercalation Complexes of Some Metallic Group VA Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

  • A. R. Beal
Part of the Physics and Chemistry of Materials with Layered Structures book series (PCMA, volume 6)


Materials with layer structures, for which the bonding between the layers is of the weak van der Waals type, offer a unique opportunity for obtaining information about their electronic properties and energy band structures via experiments involving the process of intercalation. ‘Intercalation’ means insertion or interpositioning of foreign ions, atoms or molecules between the layers of these materials, a process only made possible by the weakness of the interlayer bonding. The size of the inter-layer gap may either increase or decrease upon intercalation, depending upon the size of the intercalated system and the nature of any bonding mechanism between this system and the host layers. The intercalate may display either random distribution or ordered occupation with respect to the available interlayer lattice sites.


Valence State Charge Density Wave Hall Coefficient Intercalation Compound TRANSITION Metal 
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