Optically Active Poly-Propiothiolactones

  • Dragutin Fles
Part of the Charged and Reactive Polymers book series (CHRP, volume 5)


A review of the work which concerns the preparation and properties of polythiolesters prepared by ring opening polymerization of propiothiolactones is presented in this article. The major part deals with the mechanism of polymerization of optically active α-substituted-β-thiolactones and specially with the study of polymerizability with respect to the character of α-substituent. Three types of monomer were used in the polymerization reactions: para-substituted benzenesulfonamido-β-thiolactones in which the para substituents are OMe, Me, H, C1, and NO2, group, N-disubstituted-amino-β- thiolactones and α-methyl-α-ethyl-β-thiolactone. The general conclusion of our work on the polymerization of α-substituted β-thiolactones is that the rate of polymerization is very much affected by the character of α-substituent, and that the hydrogen bonding in α-acylamino-β-thiolactones plays an important role in the ring opening and propagation of the polymerization reactions.


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