Studies on Complexes of Antineoplastic Agents with DNA

  • Daniel Glaubiger
Part of the Charged and Reactive Polymers book series (CHRP, volume 5)


Aspects of the geometry of complexes between antineoplastic agents and DNA can be determined using hydrodynamic measurements and using the technique of Electric Dichroism. Data is presented for two compounds, anthramycin and ellipticine, which shows that ellipticine binds to DNA by intercalation while anthramycin does not, the chromophore portion of the anthramycin molecule being inclined at an angle of approximately 36° with respect to the helix axis.


Intrinsic Viscosity Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Antineoplastic Agent Transition Moment Sedimentation Coefficient 
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  • Daniel Glaubiger
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  1. 1.Department of PediatricsStanford University Medical CenterUSA

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