Electronic Structure of Some Layer Compounds

Part of the Physics and Chemistry of Materials with Layered Structures book series (PCMA, volume 3)


The transition metal dichalcogenides MX2, including group IVB to group VIB transition metal ions, crystallize in layered structures. Many physical properties of these layer compounds are dominated by the two-dimensional structural characteristics. More or less strong anisotropies are reported for mechanical, electrical and optical properties [1]. Moreover, intercalation compounds of the form I x MX2, have been prepared where I is an atom or molecule which occupies the interstitial sites between adjacent sandwiches. The semiconducting group IVB and VIB compounds are found to exhibit metallic conductivity when intercalated with alkali atoms. The metallic group VB compounds intercalate with organic molecules which may increase the inter-layer distance by as much as 50 Å. Most of the metallic compounds are superconductors with low to medium T c with the superconducting property persisting even in the intercalated phases [2]. According to the discussions in Chapter A.3 and similar to non-transition metal compounds the materials can be grouped into two major classes depending on the crystal field symmetry around the metallic ions. The two types of structures, the octahedral and the trigonal prismatic structures, shall be discussed separately in the following subsections.


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