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New Sector-Scan Echographic Imaging Devices

  • F. Haine
  • R. Torguet
  • G. Bruneel
  • E. Bridoux
  • C. Thomin
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 1)


The main advantage of sector-scan imaging devices over their linear scanning counterparts, is their capability to produce images through observation windows of very small area. Structures situated behind ultrasound opaque substances may therefore be visualized. Such a feature seems to be highly appreciated by users and, consequently, many sector-scan imaging instruments are now under development. A number of techniques may be used for sector-scanning and a distinction can be made between mechanical and electronic scanning devices.


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  • F. Haine
  • R. Torguet
  • G. Bruneel
  • E. Bridoux
  • C. Thomin

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