The contribution of digitized echocardiography to clinical cardiology

  • D. G. Gibson
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 1)


The technique of digitization of M-mode records was introduced as a means of taking advantage of the excellent frequency response, 1000/sec, of the standard echocardiograph (1). Its use has been reviewed in detail and reference made to studies in which it has been validated against angiography (2). It is the purpose of the present paper to describe a series of applications in which it gives information not readily available from other methods, and which appear to have clear clinical significance. However, it must be stressed at the outset that the method is limited by the technical quality of the echocardiograms on which it is used. They must be of a standard significantly higher than those from which routine measurements can be made, in being recorded at 100 mm/sec, and in showing clear, continuous endocardial echoes throughout the cardiac cycle.


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