Angiography of the upper extremity

  • B. Janevski
Part of the Developments in Surgery book series (DISU, volume 1)


Angiographic technique for the investigation of the arteries of the upper extremity is described, this includes modifications of the methods for percutaneous catheterization as well as the use of vasodilators for peripheral hand angiograms. The conclusions are based on the authors own experience in 730 selective studies of the arteries of the upper extremities.

A brief review of the angiographic findings in the different vascular conditions affecting the shoulder and arm is included, with examples from the author’s own series. In addition, an attempt is made to differentiate thromboangiitis obliterans from arteriosclerosis obliterans based on roentgenographic findings.


Sarcoma Hemangioma Myositis Rhabdomyosarcoma Cellulitis 


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