Solar and Interplanetary Dynamics (Symposium Summary)

  • M. Kuperus
Part of the International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUS, volume 91)


Solar and interplanetary dynamics comprises dynamic and plasma-physical phenomena in the solar atmosphere, the corona and the interplanetary medium in the broadest sense. In this symposium, however, one has essentially tried to restrict the subject matter to the study of the propagation of a disturbance, produced in the solar atmosphere, through the corona and the interplanetary medium. In studying solar and interplanetary dynamical phenomena we find ourselves in the unique position, with respect to other astrophysical disciplines, to be able to relate solar observations obtained with the highest possible spectral, spatial and time resolution with in situ measurements made in the interplanetary medium. It has now turned out that the two fundamental questions to be answered are:
  1. a)

    How does the medium in between the sun and the earth and beyond the earth’s orbit, the socalled heliosphere, look like? Does a basic undisturbed heliosphere actually exist, and is one able to model its observed magnetic structures and plasma motions with their spatial and temporal variations?

  2. b)

    How and where in the solar atmosphere are the disturbances generated and what are the characteristic time scales, geometries and energies involved?



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