X-Ray Structures Associated with Disappearing Hα Filaments in Active Regions

  • S. W. Kahler
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Several studies using data from Skylab instruments have been carried out to determine the spatial and temporal relationships between disappearing Hα filaments and the associated coronal emission features. Webb et al. (1976) studied 30 transient coronal X-ray enhancements which could be associated with the disappearances of Hα filaments outside active regions. They found that in the early phase of the transient X-ray brightening, emitting structures appeared at or near the filament location with shape and size resembling the filament. Sheeley et al. (1975) examined a long-lived X-ray enhancement of expanding loops associated with an active region filament which disappeared. Rust and Webb (1977) found a good statistical correlation in time and position between large scale (length > 60, 000 km) active region X-ray enhancements and Hα filament activity, in particular, events of an eruptive nature.


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