Molecular Vibration Studies of Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic Charge-Transfer Compounds

  • Renato Bozio
  • Cesare Pecile
Part of the NATO Advance Study Institutes Series book series (ASIC, volume 56)


By nature, investigations of very complex systems such as the quasi 1-D organic charge transfer (CT) compounds imply the use of a multidisciplinary approach. Thus, to be succesful, experimental studies have to combine a wide variety of physical techniques. In recent years vibrational spectroscopy has entered the field and proved itself a valuable and informative tool. Sufficient data have been collected on the intramolecular vibrational behaviour of large electron donor or acceptor (EDA) molecules and their radical ions to allow a full exploitation of vibrational spectra in the study of CT solids. The interest in this type of investigations is further justified by the fact that the interaction between electrons and intramolecular vibrations has been shown to play a relevant role in determining the physical properties of 1-D organic conductors and their temperature dependence (1–4).


Symmetric Mode Organic Conductor Vibronic Band Intramolecular Vibration Normal Coordinate Analysis 
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  • Cesare Pecile
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