The Grammar of PTQ

  • David R. Dowty
  • Robert E. Wall
  • Stanley Peters
Part of the Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy book series (SLAP, volume 11)


The reader, having patiently waded through pages of discussion of intensions, types, and lambda operators, will now be rewarded by being able to see Montague’s syntactic treatment of English with a maximum understanding of the semantic motivation behind each part of the analysis. The grammar of PTQ, which Montague referred to as a “fragment” of English, is deliberately restricted for expository purposes. Nevertheless, it illustrates the treatment of a variety of problems involving quantifier words and their interaction with pronouns and conjunctions that have puzzled linguists as well as philosphers of language for some time (cf. Lakoff 1970, Partee 1970, 1972); it also treats all the “intensional constructions” discussed in the previous chapter and others besides. In many cases it is clear how Montague’s fragment could be extended to deal with other English constructions, but in many other cases the possibility of a simple or straightforward treatment within his framework is problematic. References to the literature on both sorts of cases can be found in Chapter 9.


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