Creative Work as an Object of Theoretical Understanding

  • V. S. Kirsanov
  • L. A. Markova
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If the history of science is understood as that of scientific ideas, the researcher who sets about studying it is faced with the duality of this history in the following sense: on the one hand, the existence of scientific ideas is independent of each individual human being; they are characterized by a chronological sequence; follow from and justify each other forming a single system of knowledge. On the other hand, the historian cannot fail to take into account the fact that scientific ideas arise in the brain of a scientist and that various events and circumstances that, at first sight, bear no relation whatsoever to the strictly logical structure of scientific knowledge can either promote or impede their appearance. These circumstances may pertain to the sphere of social, cultural, and political relations, and may express the peculiarities of a scientist’s individual biography. The history of science splits into two histories: the history of ideas which is objectivized and independent of the subject, and the history of the production of knowledge which is related to the activity of a scientist as a personality.


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  • L. A. Markova
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