• Henry Mehlberg
  • Robert S. Cohen
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 19-2)


The over-all conclusion to be derived from this investigation into the nature of time may now be summarized as follows: The physical and psychological components of the cosmic space-time continuum can be consistently fit into a single worldwide order provided that the first assumption of psychophysical parallelism holds, i.e., that whatever occurs in any stream of consciousness is associated with a physiological (neutral or endocrine) process in the organism animated by this consciousness. The psychophysiological correspondence between any mental experience and its physiological substratum, presently established for the fundamental varieties of these experiences, provides the necessary link for a cosmic time in which physical events and mental experiences materialize. Since this link is causal this feature will also apply to universals of cosmic time. In the previous parts of this investigation, we have tried to support this claim of a universal connection between indeterministic causality and temporality.


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