The Present Empirical Status of Psychophysical Parallelism

  • Henry Mehlberg
  • Robert S. Cohen
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 19-1)


I shall wind up my analysis of the merger of four types of temporal order with an exploration of the principle of psychophysical parallelism underlying this merger. The evolution of the mind-body problem shows clearly that a considerable part of the relevant controversies is traceable to the vagueness of the terms used by the formulation of the issue. More particularly, this holds true of the view of the mind-body relation which became almost dominant at the beginning of our century and has been termed ‘psychophysical parallelism’167. My comments in the preceding section have aimed at a precise formulation of the three basic postulates inherent in psychophysical parallelism and at a determination of their mutual relationships. This section deals with the current status of psychophysical parallelism.


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  • Robert S. Cohen
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