GC / MS Measurement of 6-Oxo-PGF1α in Biological Fluids

  • M. Claeys
  • C. Van Hove
  • A. Duchateau
  • A. G. Herman
Part of the Developments in Pharmacology book series (DIPH, volume 1)


A selected ion monitoring method for the determination of 6-oxo PGF1α in biological fluids has been worked out. In this method, biosynthetically prepared 2H7-6-oxo PGF1α is used as internal standard. The method involves extraction, TLC purification and derivatization into the methyl ester, methoxime, trimethylsilyl ether derivatives by carrying out the methoximation first.Quantitative GC/MS analysis is performed in the electron impact mode by monitoring the [M+. −(TMSOH + CH3O.)] — fragment ions.

The use of this method in the measurement of 6-oxo PGF1α in serous fluids and in incubation media of serous tissues is described.


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  • M. Claeys
  • C. Van Hove
  • A. Duchateau
  • A. G. Herman

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