Epidemiology and Control of Hypertension in North Karelia, Finland

Observations from a five-year community control programme
  • J. Tuomilehto
  • A. Nissinen
  • P. Puska
  • J. Elo
  • T. E. Kottke
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 8)


Arterial hypertension is a common problem in industrialized societies, and a major cause of disability and death in the adult populations. Although elevated blood pressure itself is not an incapacitating condition, a high proportion of severe cardiovascular disease (CVD) is due to hypertension. For these reasons, it has been called the epidemic of the modern world; it is a challenge to medical care and public health [1–6]. During the last 25 years, several potent and relatively harmless drugs for hypertension treatment have been introduced. Studies on long-term blood pressure reduction have made it clear that antihypertensive drug treatment is effective in preventing complications, morbidity, disability and premature death [7–12].


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  • J. Tuomilehto
  • A. Nissinen
  • P. Puska
  • J. Elo
  • T. E. Kottke

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