The Role of the Lysosomes in Ovarian Physiology

  • M. J. Dimino
  • E. A. Elfont
Part of the Developments in Obstetrics and Gynecology book series (DIOG, volume 2)


In the classical sense, lysosomes were considered primarily to be subcellular structures that contained degradative enzymes which, when released, led to the demise of the cell; but while the lysosomal system does act as a mechanism for the removal of subcellular components that are worn out or no longer needed, its role in other cellular functions must be considered (Dean and Barrett 1976). It is now apparent from a physiological point of view that the lysosomal concept should be expanded to encompass a heterogenous population of related subcellular organelles that are involved in the normal economy of the cell.


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  • E. A. Elfont

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