Sybe Jarichs, Een Corte Cronike Kampen, Jan Evertsz., 1536 [Nk 1196-Nat I, 1]

  • Hendrik D. L. Vervliet


In the region of the river IJsel printing began at a relatively early date. By the end of the fifteenth century the towns of Deventer and Zwolle had already become important centres for printing, the printing of school books being a chief concern. It is to this development that we must attribute the fact that the printing trade in Kampen, at the mouth of the IJsel, was of modest proportions. It was not until the 1520s that books were first printed there, by the schoolmaster Jan Evertsz., who was responsible for the first works ever to be printed in Kampen. Eight works printed by him are extant from the period 1527-1538, though he must have been working as a printer some time before that because on 16 April 1524 he received a warning not to continue printing without official permission.

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