Historie Van Sinte Anna, Vertaald Door Wouter Bor Deventer, Richard Pafraet, 1509 [NK 1082, Deperditu M—Nat Borne 1, 1]

  • Hendrik D. L. Vervliet


Richard Pafraet1 was Deventer’s first printer, having moved there from Cologne sometime in or before 1477. Deventer, on the river IJssel, had all the ingredients for success: it had five annual international fairs; it had a strong book tradition going back to 1377 and Geert Grote and since expanded by his devout followers, the Brethren of the Common Life, who wrote books — chiefly of a liturgical nature — to order. Its Latin school attracted young people from the entire catchment area of the fairs (e.g. Cusanus from the Moselle region, Mutianus from Thuringia, Erasmus from Holland). From about 1481 the Rector of the school was the Westphalian Alexander Hegius, a pupil and the spiritual successor to the pioneer of German/Dutch humanism, Rudolphus Agricola. Hegius resided in the house of the printer. In 1485, the latter ended his first period of production, mainly of large books, including reference works for the minister.


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