Martin Luther, Die Epistel Van S. Pauwels tot die galaten… Uutgeleyt DooreenengEleerdenende Christelicken Man Antwerpen, Jan Hillen Van Hoochstraten, ca. 1526 [NK 1433-Nat I, 8]

  • Hendrik D. L. Vervliet


A relative of Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, Jan Hillen van Hoochstraten had an eventful career as a printer, some of it clandestine. Indeed, he published a considerable number of heretical writings, chiefly under the cover of fictitious addresses. He worked at Hamburg almost certainly about 1522–1523, at Antwerp from 1526 until 1530, at Lübeck in 1531–1532, from 1533 until 1535 at Lund, where he worked for the reformed canon Christiern Pedersen, and again at Antwerp from 1535 until 1540. In 1525 and 1526 and from 1540 until 1543 he published at Antwerp orthodox books under his own name, at the end of his career using the device and types of Michiel Hillen. Martin Luther (1483–1546) was one of the Reformers whose writings he printed. An Augustinian friar and teacher at the University of Wittenberg, Luther embarked in 1515 on his commentary to the Epistles of St. Paul, from which he developed his doctrine of salvation through Faith; in 1520 he proclaimed the sole authority of the Holy Scripture.


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