Den Bijbel Antwerpen, Hansken Van Liesvelt, 1538 [NK 409]

  • Hendrik D. L. Vervliet


The Antwerp printer Hansken van Liesvelt is something of an enigma. Undoubtedly a close relative of Jacob van Liesvelt, he was his contemporary, worked at the same address “In den Schilt van Artoys” (At the Artois Arms), and like him published Protestant books. He must not be confused with Jacob’s son Hans II, who was still a minor in 1547, whereas Hansken’s brief career lasted only from 1537 to 1539. In 1538 he published a Lutheran Bible in Dutch, the text of whose long title was to be used by Jacob van Liesvelt in his reissue of the same Bible in 1542. The woodcuts illustrating the Old Testament and the Apocalypse are identical to those found in the majority of Jacob van Liesvelt’s editions of the Bible before 1535. A new series of Illustrations, however, appears in the Gospels: their design is attributed to the engraver Lieven de Witte and they are found in the work of other Antwerp printers after 1535 and in Jacob van Liesvelt’s Bible of 1542.


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