In the world of Bibliography and old and rare books the name Nijhoff is a famous one mainly for two reasons. In the first place it refers to the old-established Dutch publisher of works about national history and typography. Its Monuments typographiques des Pays Bas au quinzième siècle (1856–1868), an album containing some 130 reproductions of incunabula, and its Annales de la typographie néerlandaise au XVe siècle (1874–1890), a bibliography of Netherlandish incunabula, by J. W. Holtrop and M. F. A. G. Campbell respectively, both Librarians at the Royal Library in The Hague, have always been familiar works to historians and bibliophiles. Models of their genre, too are the catalogues of the Antiquarian Department of Martinus Nijhoff.


Europe Stein Eisen Controle Ogen 



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