Cycles Biologiques des Hydropsychidae et D’un Polycentropodidae (Trichoptera) Dans le Rhône en Amont de Lyon

  • H. Tachet
  • M. Bournaud
Part of the Series Entomologica book series (SENT, volume 20)


Seven species of larvae of Hydropsychidae (Cheumatopsyche lepida, Hydropsyche siltalai, H. ornatula, H. pellucidula, H. exocellata, H. dissimulata and H. contubernalis) and 1 species of Polycentropodidae (Neureclipsis bimaculata) were studied in the Rhône river for 4 years by mean of artificial substrates. Their life cycles are very stable during the whole period in spite of very high variations of the discharge in the river. C. lepida, H. siltalai, H omatula and N. bimaculata are univoltine, H. pellucidula, H. exocellata, H. dissimulata and H. contubernalis seem bivoltine. In the smallest species (C. lepida, H. contubemalis) the overwintering instar is the 5 th. The relations with the water temperature, the discharges and dam clearing are discussed. N. bimaculata is characteristic of low discharges.


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© Dr W. Junk Publishers, The Hague 1981

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  • H. Tachet
  • M. Bournaud

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