Morphological Characteristics of Leptodrusus Budtzi Ulm. in the Immature Stages

  • G. P. Moretti
  • Q. Pirisinu
Conference paper
Part of the Series Entomologica book series (SENT, volume 20)


The immature stages of Leptodrusus budtzi Ulm. endemic to Sardinia and Corsica are described for the first time. The taxonomic characteristic for certain and immediate identification of the larva is the clear field on the posterior two-thirds of the pronotum, which is delimited by a series of arches. The typical drusini hump is more pronounced than it is in other Italian drusini. These, other classification characteristic, the larval case and the pupa are shown in a series of designs.


Immature Stage Posterior Field Clear Field Larval Case Tiny Spine 
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  • G. P. Moretti
  • Q. Pirisinu

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