Experimental Work on a Fixed-Bed Oxygen Gasifier in the View of Methanol Synthesis using Biomass as a Feedstock

  • P. Chartier
  • W. Palz
Conference paper
Part of the Solar Energy R&D in the European Community book series (SRDE, volume 1)

It is now well recognized that methanol will play a more extensive role as a fuel in the future than in the past. Renewed interest has risen in the manufacture of methanol from various sources, such as biomass. To convert solid carbonaceous materials to methanol, it is necessary to partially oxidize the materials to form a synthesis gas consisting primarily of H2 and CO. This can be done in a gasifier using oxygen, rather than air, to oxidize the feed material.


Biomass Methane Hydrocarbon Gasification Gasi 


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  • P. Chartier
    • 1
  • W. Palz
    • 2
  1. 1.INRAFrance
  2. 2.Commission of the European CommunitiesBelgium

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