Activities of Working Party 5 “Environmental Effects of Sludge” Introductory Remarks

  • T. W. G. Hucker
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The definition of environmental effects against our working party in the symposium announcement is based on that in the original formation of the concerted action project and our work has been slightly modified. We have not looked at constraints on pathogens because it has been generally agreed that it is more appropriate for Working Party 3 which has the expertise to consider that aspect.

Although it has been pointed out to us that we are not to make recommendations on guidelines we realise that the end product of our work will be the drafting and inclusion of criteria in codes of practice by others. We have therefore limited our work on the subject of standards in our list of activities to up-dating the comparison of guidelines presented at Cadarache and include a copy as an appendix to this paper.

We have concentrated on the harmful effects of heavy metals and the pollution of ground water. In considering these we have considered not just the direct and more immediate effects on agriculture but to the best of our ability the indirect effects on animals and on man.


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