Is Science Sexist? The Case of Sociobiology

  • Michael Ruse
Part of the The University of Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science book series (WONS, volume 17)


To many people, particularly if they are white, Anglo-Saxon, male, protestant physicists, the question “Is science sexist?” really does not make much sense. They feel that the person asking it is committing what we philosophers have learned to call a ‘category mistake’ (Ryle, 1949). Asking whether science is sexist is a bit like asking whether or not Tuesday is tired. It is not false, or true, that Tuesday is tired. It is simply that Tuesdays are not the sort of things that can be tired. Dogs and people get tired and (by analogy) salads. Similarly, to ask whether science is sexist is to ask the wrong kind of question of the wrong kind of thing. Norman Mailer is sexist; D. H. Lawrence is sexist; and so perhaps are the Catholic and Mormon churches. Science is not the sort of thing which could be sexist.


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