Representation of Superstruct Sorts

  • A. F. Parker-Rhodes
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In the preceding chapter I have examined the initial prime perfect Sorts, to determine which of them would have valid Bip. Reps., and I found this to be the case for those of cardinalities 0, 1, 2, 3 and ∞, but for no others, so that these might be rationally expected, by the arguments given in Chapter III, to have manifestations on the physical Plane. Contrasted with these initial Sorts, there are superstructs, defined as classes of operations on previously defined Sorts. In general, this term includes functions of either one or two arguments; but since the latter type involves derived Sorts, which I have already given reasons for not pursuing, I here concentrate on those superstructs composed of univalent functors, that is of endomorphisms. Sorts of endomorphisms were shown in Chapter V to be perfect prime Sorts, but are of course not initial Sorts; they will be the only type of superstructs to engage our detailed attention.


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