General Assessment

  • A. F. Parker-Rhodes
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This final chapter will be given over to an attempt to assess the theory presented in the preceding ones in the light of its correspondence with known facts, or the lack of it, and its capacity for predicting the unknown. Such an assessment could be presented, in the conventional fashion, in the form of an itemized confrontation between theoretical predictions and empirical observations. In fact, I shall not depart radically from this model, though there is a risk that the form may disguise what is going on to some extent. This is because basically we are assessing the evidence for a Hypothesis, (8.1), of an unusual kind. It assumes the existence of a plane of existence different from the physical plane, but manifesting itself by certain constraints which it imposes on the physical. It would be simple, and soon over, if the claim were that such constraints, with their consequences, should explain everything in physics; but the analogy of other plane boundaries, reinforced by common-sense, forbids this.


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